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Edinburgh District Council (EDC)

Because Edinburgh District Council has ceased to maintain tenement stair lighting in communal areas within private properties. As a result this has moved the onus of responsibility onto the owners who now find they have a legal duty of care for repair and maintenance to ensure that the stair lighting is operational.

Although Edinburgh District Council has given up common stair light maintenance in private properties they do still pay for the electricity. So, its good practise  to  comply with the EDC specification on maintaining stair lights.

In situations where the stair does not comply with this specification EDC may insist on an electric meter being fitted thus transferring the cost of the power supply to the owners.

AEW Services

All aspects of communal stair lighting repairs. Modifications and upgrades are covered by AEW Electrical who now offer light fitting repairs and shade replacement free of charge following a re-lamp. A customer recently said “It helps greatly that the costs are fixed for peace of mind makes my task as the organiser a lot easier”


  • Longer life tubes are used.

    image of stair light
    Stair Light
  • Starter units replaced.
  • Shades washed and cleaned.
  • Check operation of Astro clock
  • Free faulty light fitting repair
  • Free missing or broken shade replacement

Astro Clock Replacement

astro time clock
Astro time clock
  • Din enclosure box used.
  • Fuses upgraded to circuit breakers where applicable.
  • Clock complies and set to  EDC stair lighting specification.

LED Upgrade

  • LED conversion light fitting as per Edinburgh District Councils Stair lighting specification.
  • New digital Astro clock where applicable included in the quote

Free Survey Condition Report

AEW can complete a free survey condition report of your communal stair that includes fixed price cost options. This does not incur the cost of a tied in weekly maintenance contract.  Click  here  and complete the contact form with your details and address and I will do the rest.

Organisers Stair Lighting information and help forms

AEW Information help sheets that can be downloaded to facilitate liaison  and coordination with your fellow residents regarding the work required. Click the links below for more information.

AEW residents notification form click here

Residents sign off form click here

For stair coordinator advise click here

For EDC advise on shared repairs and maintenance click here