Abandoned Bikes in Stairwells

Abandoned Bikes in Stairwells

Organisers have highlighted the problems of some abandoned bikes in stairwells and wished they could manage them like the stair lighting. Similary I got a request to assist with documentation that helps manage the bikes in the stairwell.

As you can see in the picture above this can be a typical scenario in a stairwell. Concerned residents are saying this has become a safety issue. For instance listed below are some reasons why bikes are abandoned or forgotten.

  • Resident moves and forgets to take their bike.
  • Student who is a tenant graduates and moves on.
  • Resident no longer uses their bike.
  • Resident who uses their bike daily.

Organisers have highlighted that they do not want to stop people using their bikes but feel they situation can be better managed. Feedback on the Stair lighting notification form was that it worked well.

So, If you want to make your stairwell safer and help recyle unwanted bikes then download a copy of AEW’s Bike Notification Form.

Therefore unwanted bike removal does not mean they are being wasted. The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) have a bike recycling scheme for more information. or see the Twiter link below.