Astro Clock Summer Winter Time Changes

Summer winter clock changes

In 2021 the EU will stop the twice yearly summer winter clock changes for daylight savings. Click here for more information. The UK parliament is also debating on the best way forward and will soon decide their response.

Will this affect Edinburgh stair astro timer clocks

Digital astro timer clocks

The 2 clocks on the right are the original 1st generation digital astro timer clocks that are approximately 30 years old. The one on the left can be adjusted to drop the twice yearly clock changes. The one on the right has this function built in so cannot be changed.

What needs to be done if the UK changes

So far nothing needs to be done but if the government aligns UK time to Europe in 2021 then some stair lighting astro timer clocks will have to be replaced. The 2 digital clocks above have 30 year old technology and some are starting to fail. Also the older electro mechanical clocks are preset and will need changing. So, if you are the stair lighting organiser it would be wise to budget for this in the future.

Can AEW change the  astro timer clocks settings

If the changes go ahead AEW installed timer clocks still under warranty will be modified free of charge. If you have a clock that can be modified then as a courtesy there will be a nominal charge for this. If the clock cannot be modified then a free survey will take place and a quote forwarded to replace.

Extra information

Click this  link here to see the BBC video on why we change the the clocks