DIY Stair Lighting Repair is Just Not Worth It

Stair Lighting Control Box

typical control box

The image on the right is a typical Edinburgh stair lighting control box that houses the astro timer clock and fuses. If your thinking of accessing this box for your own safety please don’t. Unless you are a qualified electrician then basically you are putting yourself at risk and worse if you get hurt then there is a good chance any accident insurance you may have will not cover you. Also if you make things worse then your fellow residents may insist that you pick up the bill to repair via last man free’s all mentality.

Accessing Light Fittings

damaged light fitting

The image on the right shows a damaged and normal stair light fitting. I cannot stress enough, it is just not safe to access these light fittings. Some have 24 hour supplies with exposed 240 volt live parts. Check my twitter feed


old control box

Typical diy stair lighting repair after “Joe Public” tried to fix leaving the stair in darkness and the residents with a bill to repair. Exposed terminals with a couple being live with 230 volts AC. Not a safe way to leave a job


Updated control box

The image on the right is the same control box tided up with a new astro timer clock along with the old fuses replaced by miniature circuit breakers fitted in a plastic Din box. No exposed live terminals just nice and safe. Get more information


  • Having a go with limited skills can be dangerous .
  • You could make it worse. I know this when the other residents pay me to sort it out.
  • Getting hurt by putting yourself at risk may leave you with time off work without pay.
  • This is not house electrics and most control boxes are next to the 415 volt mains incomer that supplies the individual flats.
  • All stair lighting is classified as utility equipment.
  • Equally shared costs in the stair means you can afford not to risk it.
  • AEW cannot give advise the general public on diy stair lighting repair .
  • AEW can do a free survey condition report with costs and options quickly.

Additional Information as of December 2019

Receiving verbal abuse from a minority of residents trying to in my view intimidate me into fixing their DIY attempt on the stair lights does not help. Below are my reasons why I cannot fix it for free.

  • Financially I just cannot afford to get involved sorting a DIY stair that will not pay to fix.
  • Calling me out on the rouse of a free survey then trying to pressurise me to sort it is just not fair as I have to say no thankyou.
  • Residents will and do expect the DIYer to sort it out at their expense.
  • You cannot expect a company to honour the warranty on any equipment you bought.
  • So if you want to do the work yourself and things go wrong then other residents may expect you to pay to fix it.
  • In conclusion I am running a business so if my quote is accepted then great as I am insured and I will give a warranty on the equipment that I supply.