Light Fitting Repairs

Stair light repairs are now free of charge

Stair Light

On a full relamp stair lights fittings will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This includes missing or damaged shades or light fittings that require refixing on to the wall. This serviced was introduced to assist the organiser and enable them to get the work completed on a fixed cost and give the residents peace of mind with no hidden costs.

AEW completes all aspects of light repairs during a relamp this also includes replacing all starters and the cleaning of  shades. Important to realise that some property maintenance companies may charge extra for this and may  have  to subcontract this task to a electrician leaving the customer with an extra bill.

Why are the lights failing

damaged light fitting

Together with end of service life and basically old age also to be fair CEC did a good job sourcing quality light fittings. Also after 30-40 years and 120,000-160,000 hours of running time can take its toll. Furthermore older inefficient light fittings can shorten the lifespan of the lamps/tubes.

Example of stair light problem

Unfixed light

Old tenement properties stair lights have been fixed to the thick plaster walls via short fixing screws. Additionally if the lights are knocked  via a contractor or delivery firm this can put strain on the wiring causing the circuits to trip. AEW will refix these free of charge on a relamp or a LED conversion

Missing or broken shades

No shade

Some shades get broken due to poor fixing or wear and tear. Missing shades can be down to individuals probably trying to remove them. AEW will replace broken or missing shades free of charge during a relamp.

Light fitting repairs and relamping points

  • Broken or missing shades replaced free of charge
  • Free faulty light fitting repairs
  • All shades are washed / cleaned on a relamp.
  • Light fitting starters units replaced on a relamp
  • Fixed costs for peace of mind. No surprise additional repair bills
  • Longer life tubes fitted rather than standard tubes.

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