Property Maintenance Companies

Property Maintenance Companies

When Edinburgh District Council ceased maintaining stair lighting a few property maintenance companies decided to get into the sector. There is nothing wrong with this as I believe the customer has the right to chose.

The thinking that anyone can change a bulb or tube sounds good until you hit a snag. So, I would advise that the customer gets comparable quotes that covers the whole stair lighting system. I have had to follow up on stairs that have been worked on by property maintenance companies and below are some examples of what I found.

Astro stair timer clock not working

Customer reports that the Astro clock is no longer bringing the lights on . I found  the clock memory was cleared  . The  clock had to be reprogramed then checked it for operation  leaving the customer with 2 bills.

Customer reported that the lights were coming on too late. I found the wrong date on the clock ie set for May instead of November.

Stair lights on 24 hours a day

Customer reports the stair lights are on 24/7 and was told it was not a problem as they did not have to pay for the power. So, if the clock is faulty why fix it ? below is the reasons why you should be concerned.

  • Lights on 24/7 means reducing the service life of the 30/40 year old fittings.
  • This reduces the life of the tubes so more frequant relamp costs.
  • If not fixed EDC could insist on a meter being fitted leaving the residents having to organise and pay for the power consumed.
  • Having the clock fixed means the property complies with EDC stair lighting specification but more importantly  puts less wear and tear on the system.

Faulty light fittings

One company could not get a light to work so subcontracted it to an electrical company . The bill for this was £190.00p. AEW repairs or replaces faulty light fittings free of charge on a relamp.

Customer reports that the shade was fixed back on with tape. AEW found the shade to be broken. AEW replaces broken shades free of charge on a relamp.

LED Replacement upgrade

Customer reports that the LED lights stopped working 6 months after the upgrade. AEW found that the original 50 year old astro clock was used. It had failed due to wear and tear. AEW supplies a new digital Astro clock with every LED upgrade.


As one customer said to me ” buy cheap spend double”

AEW offers you a no obligation free Edinburg stair lighting survey report that gives you the following

  • Present state of the stair lighting.
  • Cost to relamp the lights and clean the shades that include free light repairs.
  • Condition of Astro clock and protection devices.
  • Cost to replace / upgrade the Astro stair timer clock.
  • Cost to upgrade the stair to LED lighting as per EDC stair lighting specification
  • A new digital Astro clock is included in the LED upgrade quote.
  • Click here for a free no obligation survey report.
  • Peace of mind for the organiser with fixed price costs so, no surprise extra costs.