Shared Repairs in Edinburgh

Shared Repairs for flat owners in Edinburgh

EDC Shared repairs poster

Edinburgh District Council have realised that owners are having problems organising repairs to their communal areas. So, they have set up a help line to give free advice on this subject. You can contact them on 01315296778.

Update EDC wants to force flat owners to pay into a repair fund

As of the 20th of May 2019 Edinburgh District Council will be giving evidence to a Scottish Parliament working group to overhaul the national rules that would force tenement flat owners to pay into a common repair fund. My opinion is it would be better for the stair to organise these repairs on their own. Because of the previous problems with the old Edinburgh Statutory Notice system I can see EDC forcing a Factor on the stair to get repairs sorted. This can work out more costly with regards to stair lights where the average individual bill of £20-£30 every couple of years could be £70-£80 every year due to management fees.

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AEW created a contact details request form for stair lighting and the feedback from organisers has been good. They have highlighted that a generic form for shared repairs would be a great help. so, I have created a form to aid and assist the organiser communicate with the stair in order to get the relevant contact information and they can coordinate with  the other owners what work is required.

For a copy of shared repair contact request form please click here

For a copy of the stair lighting contact request form please click here